“This is real, this is me.” – Camp Rock

Hi everyone. My name is Jenny Strozinsky, I am a 22 year old college student living on a small island right above Jacksonville, Florida. Below I’m going to write just a little bit about my story, but I promise this blog won’t be “all” about me.

I was born smack in the middle of the 1990’s, and on December 14, 1995 a bald, screaming, cone-headed baby made her appearance into this world. Cone-headed baby Jenny woke up everyday to the sound of waves crashing from the window in her bedroom, or so I assume since I don’t really remember what I heard as a baby. From what I’ve heard I was a freaking amazing, angel, perfect baby, other than the fact that I was so high maintenance that I screamed whenever someone wasn’t holding me. I blame my parents. I’m sure my dad picked me up every time I cried. Should’ve let me cry it out Jim! A little under two years later my mom popped out my little sister, Amy. I was pissed. I liked this little alien baby that was brought home, hated my parents. How could you do this to me? I’ve been the center of attention for two, glorious years and you’re just going to rip that away from me? You couldn’t of just bought me a puppy?


Seriously though, my sister and I had the coolest setup as kids. A huge two-story treehouse our dad built, a giant deck, a huge yard, and not to mention we were about 13.5 steps from the beach. Heaven. When we were young, my mom taught school during the day and my dad bartended at night. At the time this was the coolest thing ever. We never had to go to daycare, dad was there to play ALL. DAMN. DAY. and when he went to work mom was there to feed us! What a great deal! Looking back now, I bet this was super hard for them. My dad worked “bar hours,” I’m 21, young, and fun (ha. haha. ha. my bedtime is 10:30,) and wouldn’t even dream of working in a bar. From what my mom tells me now, sometimes my dad wouldn’t get off until two in the morning, then she was up at five, home at three, and had to be a mom as soon as she turned the key to the front door. Vomit. They’re the coolest parents in the world though, truly I don’t know what I would do without them.


When I was going into the second grade, my parents moved us to St. Mary’s, in Camden County Georgia. Camden is about 45 minutes north of Fernandina, on the border of Florida and Georgia. Yee. Haw. My mom taught at an elementary school, and my dad taught at the high school (Go Wildcats!) We lasted three years, just enough time for my mom to pout enough to the point where my dad agreed to move back to the island. During the time we lived in Camden I got a puppy, had some of the best teachers I’ve ever had, and made friends that I still love and cherish 10-years later. I started middle school at Fernandina Beach Middle School and had the best three years of my life! HA. OKAY. Lots of Sperry Topsider boat shoes, Abercrombie and Fitch graphic tees, and making High School Musical remakes in my living room with my friends. Shudder. High school was a blur of dance classes, a short cheerleading career, friends, and working. When senior year rolled around I was doing anything I could to get out of going to school. I skipped a lot, ate a lot of T-Ray’s biscuits, and showed up at home “after school” with a hell of a sunburn most days.  “Mom I just sat outside during lunch and somehow got a full on lobster glow, I promise!” She never bought it. I hear the high school has become a lot more strict on their attendance policy since I graduated and it’s probably due to Kristin D’Aquino (my high school best friend, and one of my best friends today,) and me. I graduated, and went on to attend Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, Georgia. Statesboro: cotton fields, soy bean fields, one Walmart. I finished up my freshman year with a solid 2.75 GPA and a new best friend, Erin Grace Kelly, to show for it. Summer ’15 I met my Tyler, and was transferred to the University of North Florida, and moved home by the Fall of 2016. “OMG Jenny you moved home for a boy?” Never heard that before, I swear.


So, here we are. About to start my last semester as a Communications major with a concentration in Public Relations at UNF with high hopes, goals, and dreams. No idea what I want to do, where I want to do it, or when I want to do it, but I’m excited to figure it out. I see the ocean everyday, work a job I love, eat far too much fried chicken, have an undying love for all things Harry Potter and I have the most wonderful, supportive, and loving people in my life.. 2018, lets do this.