The Scenic Route.

On June 25th, 2017 Tyler York and I packed up his (ex girlfriend) Miss Toyota Tacoma… which has been recently traded in for a Subaru (different story,) dropped our sweet pup off at Grandpa Stro’s house, plugged “Tomah, WI” into the GPS and took off on the 1,044 mile road trip to see ALL THE FAMILY. My dad has five sisters and two brothers and that means any excuse to get together, in this case a wedding, is one big party. Tyler and I originally planned to fly to Wisconsin but after calculating how expensive it was to rent a car being both under 25 we decided to put on our big boy pants and drive 22 hours. We left on a Sunday at 8:00 PM and arrived Monday afternoon at about 5:00 PM. We took shifts and drove in intervals of five hours each, zipping through Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and finally arriving in Wisconsin (almost) a full day later. Thank you to all our family and friends that called and checked on us throughout the trip to make sure we hadn’t killed each other, fallen asleep at the wheel, or just flat out lost it (which I ended up doing driving through Chicago traffic.)

​We arrived in Tomah to 72 degrees and about 2% humidity waiting for us and MAN was that a difference from the Florida heat. We spent three full days playing with my sweet Habelman family at one of my favorite places in the whole world “Hickory Hill,” which is my Aunt Kris and Uncle Ray’s “hunting cabin.” My cousin R.J. and his wife Staci just built a beautiful home right down the hill from the cabin so we got to spend a lot of time with their kids, as well as my cousin Holly’s family and of course my Aunt Kris and Uncle Ray. We spent a rainy afternoon in Lacrosse, Wisconsin visiting my Grandma Val who turned NINTY this summer, since I haven’t been to Wisconsin in four years it was really special to get to spend time with her and for Tyler to get to meet her.

After those days running around the cranberry marsh, riding fourweelers in the woods, cooking breakfast for my sweet cousins, watching fireworks set off by my family and eating way too much food, we got back in the car (reluctantly, I admit) and headed to Milwaukee for my cousin Anna’s wedding. We drove three-ish hours to our hotel on the river in Milwaukee, got ready and zipped off in an Uber (what the hell did we even do before Uber????) and headed to Miller Park for a Brewer game!!! Miller Park is so beautiful. I’ve never been to a MLB game and this was  definitely a park everyone should try to go to at some point in their life. It’s so clean, breezy, organized and Miller Lite is the best light beer so that just about settles it in my book. The next day we woke up super early and took another Uber (surprise) and headed downtown Milwaukee for brunch at  Cafe Benalux, which was suggested by a couple sitting next to us at the game. Oh…. my….. GOSH. Cafe freakin’ Benalux. First of all its has a beautiful rooftop deck overlooking the city where they serve you fantastic breakfast food and endless mimosas…. if I had to eat one meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner it would be brunch food. I had the “belt and a” which was a breakfast sandwich on sourdough with fried egg, bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado and basil aioli, and Tyler had the “hodge podge” which was basically a big plate of everything breakfast. My God. If you’re ever in Milwaukee, please do yourself a favor and just go. I love a good souther brunch with chicken and waffles as much as the next girl but MAN the yankees know what they’re doing at this place. After brunch we walked around the little area of town we were in then headed to the Milwaukee Art Museum, which was absolutely stunning. We really enjoyed it, definitely a “must-see” if you ever find yourself in WI. Moving on we found ourself at City Lights Brewing Company where a full-on soul band was blessing the new beer of the month. Only in Wisconsin would they bless the beer, but a really cool thing to see none the less. Then jumped into another Uber and went back to our hotel to get ready for the wedding. After we got all spiffed up we met up with my Uncle Ray and Aunt Kris and drove to the really awesome wedding venue Anna picked for her big day. It was so much fun getting to see all my family and celebrate my sweet cousin and her new husband. I hope my wedding is half as fun one day.

After a long night of dancing, drinking and eating we woke up to a full day of driving on the horizon for us. Ten hours later we found ourselves in Naaaaaaaaashville, Tennessee. We stayed at The Hutton downtown Nashville and was immediately greeted with a vodka and sweet tea in the lobby. Yes please. We got ready and headed to broadway and partied the night away downtown Nash, Tyler sang karaoke at 3 AM, we rode in a tricked out Uber that had Mario Cart, we ate hotdogs from a cart on the side of the road, it was iconic. We ended up staying one more night with Tyler’s brother in Nashville and man was I ready to be home when we finally arrived back in Fernandina on the fourth of July. I’m so happy that we drove instead of flew to Wisconsin because we proved to ourselves that we could do it. It was such a wonderful roadtrip and I can’t wait for the next one. Tyler did such a great job keeping me sane while we were in the car together and we honestly do travel really well together. We ate a lot of food, drank a lot of beer and arrived home really achey and tired but we did it.  IMG_12304B92B6E1-C9F8-418A-8A39-5C31CBB3C4FA5247492B-542C-4E31-AA76-605FAADA9F75IMG_1289

Tomah, WI.


Brewer Game, Miller Park. Milwaukee, WI.


Milwaukee Museum of Art.


Anna + Carlos Wedding. Milwaukee, WI.


Nashville, TN.