Meet the newest addition to Tyler and I’s crazy life. We are obsessed. Tyler adopted her from the Humane Society in Kingsland, GA this past week and we couldn’t be more in love. We were told she is a “coon-hound/lab mix” I don’t see any lab in her besides maybe the giant paws so I’m calling her a Camden Hound.

When Tyler went to adopt a puppy last Monday I was working and we had our hearts set on a puppy from an Australian Shepherd/Husky litter that the shelter had just received…. little white puppies with bright blue eyes. When he got there they took him back to see the puppies and in the middle of all the white was a little black and white puppy. He scooped her up and held her for a second before the employee whisked him away to sign adoption papers for one of the little husky mixes. They told him he wouldn’t be able to pick him up until the next day because he still had to get fixed and vaccinated. He said “ok” and went and sat in his truck for 20 minutes because he couldn’t stop thinking about the little black and white girl pup. He got about halfway home before he called the shelter and told them he had to change his mind.

​Don’t worry! The little husky mix was in high demand and was adopted that same day! I was in shock. What do you mean you didn’t get the little boy pup your heart was set on?? But he had me convinced that this was the dog for us and he was so right. I met her the next day and instantly fell in love and didn’t want to leave her another night in the shelter but she was going to the vet the next day to get fixed so I had too. Tyler picked her up the next day from the vet and took her home. She’s such a little snug. Tyler’s mom and dad have been helping us with her a ton and we’re so thankful. I can’t wait to be done with school and out for summer so I can walk her on the beach everyday. We’re so thankful that she just fell into our laps the way she did. Adopt don’t shop my friends, I promise you’ll find your dream pup/kitty.